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Boston's Authentic West African restaurant! Delivery, Pickup, and Catering only (No Dine-in)

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Red Red
Black-eyed beans served with sweet fried plantains and protein choice
Jollof Rice
Jasmine rice cooked in tomato sauce. Comes with choice of protein and other add ons
Rice cooked with black-eyed peas
turkey tail (chofi)
Turkey tail (chofi)
Crispy fried turkey tail served with black hot sauce
Yam and chofi
Yam and Chofi
RedRed Kitchen - Boston's authentic West-African cuisine!
Fried Rice
with choice of meat. Comes with hot sauce

About Us

At RedRed Kitchen, we’re passionate about bringing the bold and vibrant flavors of West African cuisine to Boston. Our menu is inspired by the diverse culinary traditions of Ghana, and we use fresh, locally sourced ingredients to create dishes that are both authentic and delicious.

RedRed Catering

Whether it’s a school or corporate event, family style gathering or your regular party, we got you covered! Place your catering orders today! 

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